We are Officially Distributors of the Straightpoint Weighing Line!

Straightpoint Weighing Line

Straightpoint Weighing Line

The Scale People are officially distributors of the Straightpoint weighing line!

This is the newest addition to the Scale People portfolio of product offerings. Straightpoint has been manufacturing overhead weighing units for over 40 years. Straightpoint also caters to the following industries: oil and gas, shipping, construction, renewable energies, lifting and cranes, topside and tie downs, mining, entertainment, water bag testing, breakbulk, utilities and military applications.

In their 40 years, Straightpoint has manufactured and supplied cabled and wireless telemetry loadlink, load shackles, load cells, digital dynamometers, compression loadcells, crane scales, running line tensiometers and software solutions as well as a new range of intrinsically safe load cells.

The Straightpoint loadcells offer high IP or NEMA ratings which can weather the harshest environments. Their wireless technology can allow data transmission of up to 700 meters or 2300 feet, the furthest in this type of product line. Straightpoint recently has added ATEX and FM approved solutions to their weighing line.

The Scale People offers calibration and repairs of these units. Please contact us today with your needs!

Founded in 1978 by an Oxford University engineering graduate, Straightpoint became the first company to offer the lifting industry a robust reliable electronic force measurement device, replacing the cumbersome and obsolete mechanical units that had been in use for decades. (pictured left a 1980’s loadlink). The Loadlink soon became the world leader in its field with sales on all continents. New products soon followed using the same basic principle of strain gauges combining high quality yet easy-to-use electronics. The Scale People follow the basic principles of offering safe and high quality products.

Straightpoint Weighing Line Products Offered:

To measure loads safely and accurately, please contact us for more information regarding the Straightpoint weighing line or for any of your other weighing needs!