Analyzing Moisture Content

Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer

Why Test for Moisture Using a Moisture Analyzer?


Properties such as taste, texture, etc.

Product consistency


Minimize drying delays, Increases through put, Waste Reduction


Certain products are required to be tested for proper moisture limited due to labeling, federal/state/local or industry regulations.


Water is an inexpensive ingredient. Maximizing water content when selling or verifying materials are within limits when purchasing.

A Big Misconception

Many people believe that a loss-on-drying moisture analyzer measures the moisture content of the sample when it actually is measuring the weight change of the sample. This is why selecting the correct test parameters are so important. Most products have a standard reference method that defines the test conditions for a specific material. These methods define equipment, test temperature, test time, sample size and sample preparation. Two of the most popular reference method sources are ASTM and AOAC.

How We Can Help

The Scale People work closely with the Sartorius moisture team and can provide a custom application for your specific needs. The Sartorius Lab has over 15,000 different samples and their test setups in a database. Based on the samples sent in, Sartorius will determine the individual method best for your specific needs and then program these parameters into your moisture analyzer. This will allow out of the box usage and prevents time consuming testing of your end. If a particular sample needs to comply with a Standard, the Sartorius team will correlate the results of your moisture analyzer with those of the standard reference method you require.

In addition to programming your moisture analyzer, other services included are:

  • Detailed review of specific requirements needed by end user
  • Analysis of your samples at the Sartorius Moisture Lab
  • Determination of reference values according to the specific standards you use
  • Optimization of sample preparation and treatment, initial sample weight and determination of optimal parameters
  • Evaluation of results

Certain models of the Sartorius Moisture Analyzers come standard with this test preparation service. Please contact us for an Application Questionnaire. Once filled out, we can get your sample sent away and you will be on your way to owning a new moisture analyzer!

Email or call 800.964.1535 for a copy of this questionnaire.