Let The Scale Do The Job!

Doran Scales

Accuracy can sometimes be an issue…but not with this scale.

Have you ever run into a Quality Manager that needs to record weight during their production run? Usually they will tell you that they have a system in place. That system is usually a pad of paper and a pencil assigned to one of their employees instead of a scale. Often that employee forgets to record weights or will just write down numbers that are close. That data is then assigned to another employee to enter in to a spread sheet. The Quality Manager does not know if they are receiving accurate information from the production floor and that their employees are entering the correct weight on to the spread sheet.

There is a better and more reliable solution! The Doran 2200CW with QC Weigh software. The 2200CW can be set up to automatically take weight readings by sensing when weight is placed on its platform. The 2200CW can also be set to remind you when it’s time to take a weight reading. Up to 500 weights can be stored in the scale. You can store multiple product IDs. You can also set up the 2200CW to display batch numbers, date, time, and employee IDs. The 2200CW also has an optional barcode scanner that can interface with the scale. The Doran 2200CW is your solution for a reliable production records.

The Doran 2200CW has four data collection options:

Ethernet, RF Ethernet, Bluetooth, or wired straight to a PC. Data can then be downloaded into the QC Weigh software. The QC Weigh software allows you to manipulate and sort out your data so you can stay organized and professional.

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