The World of Checkweighers

What is a checkweigher?

A checkweigher is an automatic or manual machine used for checking the weights of packaged goods passing through a product line. Checkweighers are used to weigh all the items in the line versus random sampling. A checkweigher will weigh, classify and separate items based on their weight. A pre-defined weight will be entered and the checkweigher will sort products that are outside of the defined parameters. This will ensure end-users receive the products they expect. When combined with metal detectors, these pieces of equipment will ensure compliance and fulfills requirements set forth by IFS, BRC and SQF.


Typical Used of A Checkweighing:

  • Check for under/overweight products
  • Insures compliance for prepackaged goods
  • Checks for missing components in a package
  • Counts by weight
  • Reduces product giveaway
  • Classify products into weight grades
  • Checks process performance
  • Fulfills reporting standards and audit checks
  • Completeness Checks
  • Measures production line efficiency

Weighing Components of a Checkweigher:

The two main types of technology used in checkweighers are strain gauge and EMC or Electromagnetic force compensation cell. Standard checkweighers are equipped with strain gauge cells and the weight is produced by a deformation of the cell. This deformation causes a change in electrical resistance which is calculated into a weight. Strain Gauge cells are robust, reliable and cost-effective. However if speed and accuracy are needed in your production line, then the EMC cells should be used.

Sartorius Intec is one of the leading manufacturers of checkweighers and their patented Monolithic EMC cell provides the best accuracies even at the highest throughput rates. These cells are made from a single block of aluminum and use less than half the amount of parts than other brands. This ensures longevity and reduces the effects from external influences.


Checkweighers can be used at any production line where there is a concern about the weight of products and at any company that wants to monitor and improve their production processes. The main industries using checkweighers are:

  • Food Industry
  • Plastic Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Publishing and Mail Order
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Logistics

Common applications that checkweighers are being used for are quality checks and inspections of products, completeness checks, dosing and filling, package length identification, production monitoring and rejection of bad goods.

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