Quick Balance Tension Meter and Elevator Maintenance

The Quick Balance Tension Meter by Dillon is designed to increase efficiency and safety for elevator maintenance. The elevator industry is one of the many that can utilize this piece of equipment whose main purpose is to equalize the tension where multiple wire ropes exist. The Quick Balance installs, measures and removes in seconds and allows comparisons of multiple lines.

Elevator Maintenance Quick Balance Application

The main features that the elevator maintenance industry loves about this product are:

  • Significant labor and time savings
  • Safety improvement in measurement method
  • View and balance multiple lines in minutes
  • Measure total force quickly
  • Elevator Inspections: Quickly balance wire ropes and measure total weight of car

Elevator cars can be suspended by anywhere from three to ten wire ropes. Each wire rope must bare an equal load in order to maintain regular wear across all ropes. If one rope is holding more weight then it could cause an uneven or bumpy ride.

Before the Quick Balance Tension Meter, spring-type scales were used to test and tension wire rope. Trial-and-error where used when tightening/loosing of ropes and reweighing multiple time was requiring. If an elevator needed modification then weighing of the elevator car must take place before and after changes which involves shutting down the elevator to weigh the car with a crane scale. The time for modifications of wire rope using this method could range anywhere from an hour up to three hours.

Many elevator companies have found that by utilizing the Quick Balance Tension Meter, they can save a substantial amount on labor costs and lower the safety risks of tensioning.

The Quick Balance measures wire rope tension and then will compare it to target settings for each wire rope stored in the device’s memory. It also will provide an overall elevator weight by totalizing each wire rope measurement. The Quick Balance can determine the force rating or wire rope tension and only requires one person to operate.┬áThe unit will display each tension reading so the elevator technician can determine and adjust the wire ropes. The entire process will take minutes versus hours.

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